This is the perfect treatment for those wanting a fuller or more defined lip shape.
It is the perfect alternative to lip fillers and gives a much more natural finish.
If you want more volume, smoother lips or a different lips shade this is the treatment for you!
Perfect kissable lips all day long - no smudges in sight!!
Creates a natural, smokey eyeliner which givesa shadow effect on the lid, using different shades of colours.
It gives a gradual transition to create a natural look.
It will give the appearance of a soft pencil eyeliner rather than a more dramatic line.
Accentuate the eye area while creating symmetrical eyes.
Perfect for those with a busy life style that want a polished look without the hassle of applying full make up every day!
Most advanced treatment in PMU industry.
     PERMANENT 3D HAIR STROKES                                                      EYEBROWS
One of the most natural way of achieving thicker fuller Eyebrows.
The 3D Hair Strokes gives shape and thickness to the brow, enhancing and framing the face while maintaining a natural look.
Perfect for people with thin or thinning eyebrows.
If you want to perfect brow without the hassle of using your eyebrow pencil every day, this is the treatment for you!
These give the illusion of a soft shape by creating a graduation of light to dark in the brow.
Perfect for those looking for a fuller brow or who have lighter hair colour and wish to go lighter with the brows as well.
They give a glamorous finish to the brows while enhancing the natural shape of the face.
Most advanced 2016 technique in PMU industry.
I am the first qualified therapist to bring this innovative treatment to Ireland
Are you tired trying to apply eyeliner and get it even on both eyes?
If so, this is the treatment for you!
This will instantly accentuate the face by giving the appearance of perfectly symmetrical eyes as well as looking "Fresh Faced" all day, better still it won`t smudge or budge!
These will instantly enhance and define the eye area.
They create volume and give a finished and polished appearance.
If you are fed up having to stick on eyelashes that only last a few hours, this is the treatment for you!!