PMU Eyebrows

3D Hair Strokes | Combination Brows  €300.00                                              

New!! Gradual Soft Powder Brows  ``Ombre``  €300.00                                              

Top-up  €150.00 (up to 6 months)

PMU Enhancing Eyes

Lash Enhancer (top)  €250.00   (extra wide +€50)

Small Latino Liner+Lash Enhancer (top)  €300.00                                              

New!! Smokey Eyes / Butterfly Eyeliner (top)  €350.00

    ... bottom  extra €150

Top-up  €150.00 (up to 6 months)

PMU Lips

Full lip``Natural Look ``  €350.00 (may take two top-up sessions for desired result)

Top-up  €150.00 (up to 6 months)

Meso Vytal Skin Cell Boost

Face  €100.00

Face, Neck & Chest  €120.00

Face, Neck, Chest & Hands  €130.00

Professional PMU removal

Individual approach to different cases of permanent make up removal. High end laser equipment. Professional with countless qualifications achieving fantastic and satisfied results.Fixed price €100 for any area, any size.

A €50.00 Booking Fee/Deposit will be required to secure your booking but this is deducted from your final bill.  All payments are non-refundable.


Top-up  €150.00 (up to 6 months)

Re-Fresh Treatment (6-18 months)  €200.00

Re-Fresh Treatments (18-24 months)  €260.00


Please note: After 24 month the treatment returns to full price.


Please arrive 10 minutes before your treatment.

Canceling your booking, please inform us in advance. (48 hours cancellation policy applies, less that 48 hours notice makes your deposit non-refundable).

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