Permanent Makeup (PMU)

   ...also known as Micro-pigmentation or Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU) is a lasting enhancement of the facial features. It can also be

used to visibly reduce scars and reconstruct the aureola complex.

   In micro-pigmentation, color pigment are permanently introduced into the skin with very fine needles.

   Clients usually choose to have a PMU in the form of lasting contours or shading for eyebrows, lids or lips to enhance their looks and to

minimize the need for daily makeup application.


Before PMU procedure:

  • 48 hrs - do not take vitamin C, aspirin (blood thinners)

  • 24 hrs - do not drink alcohol

  • In the day of procedure - do not drink black/green tea or coffee

  • Avoid exposure to strong UV radiation (sun, tanning salon)


After PMU procedure:

  • Apply special post-treatment care sparingly, 3 times daily

  • Don`t go to the sauna or pool

  • Avoid exposure to intense UV radiation (sun, tanning salon)

  • No facials

  • Don`t apply creme, powder and/or makeup to the micro-pigmented area

  • Do not rub or scratch

  • Sunscreen will lengthen the lifetime of your micro-pigmentation

Clients who do not follow these recommendations may shorten the lifetime of their pigmentation!!!



  • Hemophilia (bleeder`s disease)

  • Diabetes (Type 2)

  • Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E,F

  • Feverish infection (exp. flu, cold)

  • HIV positive

  • Skin anomalies in the treatment zone

  • Immune system disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Chemotherapy or irradiation

  • Acute heart/cardiovascular problems

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Pregnancy or lactation

  • Allergy for numbing products

  • Allergy for metal

  • Asthma


Lasting of PMU is dependent on a number of factors:

  • The concentration of pigment and color (the darker the pigment - the longer the perion of its validity)

  • Environment / direct sunlight on the pigmented area

  • The structure of the skin (in the oily and porous skin PMU holds less

  • The rates of the skin renewal

  • The age of the client (the older client - the longer it retained PMU)

  • Hormones

  • Stress

  • Medicine, drugs


Top Up / Correction (additional treatment) - what is this for???

    Top Up - correction method is used for regulating the color richness. Excessively bright colors are not always suitable for a lot of clients.

It is impossible to precisely calculate our body reaction to the pigment implantation. Some clients will retain 40% of the pigment after 

skin regeneration while others will retain 60%. Therefore, it is advised to introduce a relatively small amount of pigment which, of required, can be later added, rather than having too much of it.


   Top Up/Correction is a way to regulate the shade of a pigment. When a PMU Technician looks at a healed pigment, she/he can see if it came out as planned or if it has changed under the influence of the body. If the color has changed not for the better, then it is easy to restore the full color in accordance with the initial plan during the correction procedure. PMU Technician can easily alter the composition of the pigment recipe.


   Top Up/Correction is a great opportunity to achieve more natural and transparent colors because the pigment is introduced gradually by layers.

   When you follow the process with the recommended 2-step procedure, you have a much better chance to get the desired shade of color, to obtain the necessary degree of brightness, to correct the shape and to avoid any minor imperfection.


   Top Up/Correction is a gentle and caring procedure which is needed to protect client from a poor quality, which can be the result of the unpredictable reaction of the human body!!!


PMU maintenance:

In order to maintain the quality of the PMU it is recommended to do a refreshment procedure once a year (as an average frequency). But some people may need this every six month, and - some others - only once every three years. This does not mean that you will have a totally PMU free skin in a year, but PMU itself will fade out and will need to be refreshed to reach the right color and the right shape again.

   Skin is alive, it regenerates itself all the time. Manicure needs maintenance approximately once a week, our hair - once a month, Permanent Makeup - approx. once a year.