Meso Vytal  Cell  Boost is...

    The most gentle... Most effective... Skin needling treatment!!


     “perfect 20 minute lunchtime rejuvenation treatment”



                                                  Your skin is exposed to many stress factors every day; UV radiation,                                                          smog, chemicals and pollution, smoking etc. which affect the dermis                                                        of the skin. With regular skin care treatments the creams and lotions                                                      applied to the skin need to penetrate through the outer layer                                                                     (epidermis) before they can reach the lower layer (dermis) and many         particles (e.g. vitamins) are simply too large to penetrate the epidermis and reach the dermis.  MESO VYTAL  system delivers special compositions / highly                                                         concentrated effective substances / right up to the space between                                               epidermis and dermis directly in the problem areas to  Refresh,                                                     Revive, Rejuvenate & Boost the Cells from inside!

MESO VYTAL cartridges allow an effective penetration of epidermal                                                       layers and a pain free access for substances of bigger particles into the                                           dermis through micro-holes.

 18 tiny pinpoints gently open the skin barrier. 13 holes ensure that the                                          active ingredients are transported evenly into the skin.

The needles are 0.5 mm long, this length allows a penetration of the skin up to 0.3 mm. Its convex, tilting surface can easily conform to the facial surface being treated and even access difficult area.




MESO VYTAL MED with hyaluronic acid and peptides reduces wrinkles and stimulates the body-own collagen production.For volume, for moisture, for lasting beauty.

The high content of hyaluronic acid in MESO VYTAL MED boosts the skin’s cells, raises the moisture level and elasticity. The skin looks younger, fresher and properly bolstered up.

MESO VYTAL MED ingredients are specially tailored to effectively reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines.






MESO VYTAL FRESH is a sophisticated composition of vitamins, Q10 and amino acids. It immediately supplies the skin with essential nutrients.

Vitamins and Q10. Like a daily kick of freshness.

Vitamins are natural antioxidants. They fortify the skin’s own protective barriers and minimize the aging effects of environmental factors. The strong combination of vitamins, Q10 and amino acids is the perfect anti-aging cocktail: It keeps damaging influences at bay and the skin smooth and supple.

MESO VYTAL FRESH is specially tailored for the demands of young skin. This rich nutritive completes the daily skin care.


Benefits of MESO VYTAL:

…pain free alternative to deep skin injections

…anti ageing

...reducing irritations and regain a bolstered appearance

…reducing wrinkles and facial expression lines

…activating the skin metabolism

…stimulating the skin`s own collagen production

…refreshing and rejuvenating the skin

…softening and improving skin structure

…supplying the skin with essential nutrients

…skin brightening

…suitable for all skin types

…suitable for face, décollétage, hands

. . .minimal trauma - maximum effect!!!




…NO pain!!!

…NO bruises, scars…!!!

…NO injections!!!

…NO Botox!!!

…NO risk of anaesthesia or complications!!!

…NO risks of damaging nerves or muscles!!!

…NO day off from work!!!